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Monday, April 3, 2017

April 03, 2017

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It looks just like any railroad track anywhere in the world, but it’s anything but. Right here where these tracks now run, Davis’s Confederate brigade of Mississippians and North Carolinians discovered that what was meant to be a safe haven had reduced them to sitting ducks, and were subsequently shot down by Federal soldiers on either side of the railroad cut. These aren’t the same tracks, this isn’t the same grass, but the imagination can easily conjure how it would have appeared then . . . likely not very different at all.


Born March 14, 1838 --- Died July 07, 1863 at age 25

Co. K, 11TH North Carolina Infantry

3RD Lt. Young enlisted in March 1862 and was a trader. He was married to Harriett and never knew his daughter Minnie, who was born in September 1863. He was wounded on the first day and battle, taken prisoner, and died in captivity. He was later buried at Richmond’s Hollywood Cemetery.

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