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Monday, May 30, 2016

May 30, 2016

**Happy Memorial Day to each and all . . . join me in remembering the victims of Gettysburg today!**

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Whether or not you’re into the whole ghost-hunting scene, Culp’s Hill can be an eerie place in the dark. I’ve experienced that myself . . . a strange sense of uneasiness followed by a certain peacefulness at sunrise. This sunrise photo isn’t particularly special, but as I love any sunrise over the battlefield, it holds sentimental value. It was taken at the summit of the hill near Knap’s Pennsylvania Battery, looking down through the trees at the start of a promising new day. (Again, any day in Gettysburg is promising . . . rain, shine, hot, cold, any season, I guarantee I’ll find many wonderful ways to occupy my time).


Co. B, 72ND Pennsylvania Infantry

Died July 03, 1863

Pvt. Morrison enlisted in August 1861. He was a marble polisher from Philadelphia, and was later buried in that same city. Unfortunately I have little information regarding his life.

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