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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

May 18, 2016

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My first time posting a video on Blogger :-) This isn’t necessarily battlefield-oriented (though troops of both sides did use Sach’s Covered Bridge during and after the battle) but is more suitable for a little morning relaxation. Marsh Creek is always so peaceful no matter the season or time of day, and it’s always a great place for quiet reflection. (Unless you happen to be in the presence of unnaturally loud people or the quintessential obnoxious ghost-hunter . . .


Co. A, 18TH Mississippi Infantry

Born February 28, 1838 --- Died July 12, 1863 at age 25
Cpl. McLaurin (also spelled McLaurine) was married to Anna and had two little boys, Edwin (who was 3 when his father died) and Lewis (who was 1). Richard was later buried at Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond, sharing space with many of his comrades in gray who died either during or as a result of the battle of Gettysburg.

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