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Monday, December 7, 2015

December 07, 2015

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Here I am, stopping along Crawford Avenue, taking yet another photo of Smith’s New York Battery. (The pretty sky made me do it). Nestled at the slope of Day’s Hill, this battery is awesomely picturesque, and very near my two favorite spots on the battlefield, Little Round Top and Devil’s Den. I’ve never been much of a “first day’s battle” or “third day’s battle” sort of person; give me the action of July 2ND every time. (Not sure why!)


Co. H, 14H Vermont Infantry

Born September 06, 1821 --- Died August 12/14, 1863 at age 41

Pvt. Doubleday, who enlisted in September 1862, was mortally wounded during the battle and taken to Gettysburg’s Catholic Church where he suffered through an amputation of the left leg. Later transported to Camp Letterman, he died of wounds and dysentery, leaving behind a wife Emma and five sons, William (age 15), Charles (age 14), Otto, George, and Fred. He was buried at Gettysburg’s National Cemetery.

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