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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

December 02, 2015

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 See, there *can* be blue skies in Gettysburg in November! This view was taken from East Cemetery Hill and shows some cannon bits (wheel at far left, wheel shadow at right) as well as various battlefield features. The valleys leading from the Culp farm can be seen at left, rolling gradually into heavily-wooded Stevens Knoll and Culp’s Hill beyond. The road running through the center is Wainwright Avenue. Toward the right, coming down off the hill, is Slocum Avenue. If you squint toward the curve in Slocum Avenue, slightly above and to the left of it is Gen. Henry Slocum’s equestrian statue.


Co. K, 38TH Georgia Infantry

Born 1827/28 --- Died July 1863

2ND Lt. Goodwin, husband of Debbie and father of Mary (1855), Hannah (1859), Reuben (1860), and James (1863), enlisted in April 1862 and received his promotion to lieutenant in December 1862. His death is variously given as July 1ST, 2ND, or 3RD. Unfortunately I have no further information concerning his military service or death.

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