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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

November 25, 2015

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Any idea where you can this beautiful stone eagle? (I won’t make you guess). He sits atop the New York auxiliary monument along Cemetery Ridge, very near the Pennsylvania State Memorial. I realized on this last trip that I’d never really gotten a good look at him, and since the sky was so un-Gettysburg-like (meaning it’s usually gray, rainy, and washed-out in autumn, and I instead had a stunning blue sky!) I figured I had to stop have him pose for a picture. :-) You may think this monument looks a little newer in design than its late-19TH-century counterparts, and you’d be right . . . it was dedicated in 1925. I urge you to check out this website: Gettysburg.stonesentinels.com/union-monuments/new-york/new-york-state-auxiliary-monument/ which lists the names of New York officers at Gettysburg.


Co. I, 44TH Alabama Infantry

Born about 1826/27 --- Died July 02/04, 1863

2ND Lt. Norred enlisted in April 1862. He was a farmer, and was married to Mary Ann, with the following children: Winfield (age 14 in 1863), Leonidas (age 13), John (age 10), James (age 8), Robert (age 6), Annie (age 4), and Elizabeth (age 1). It is possibly Annie’s name was actually Amanda, born instead in 1859. Lt. Norred’s burial place is unknown.

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