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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

November 04, 2015

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For this shot, I was standing in the infamous Triangular Field (where, by the way, I’ve never had any of those legendary camera problems . . .) looking toward the 99TH Pennsylvania’s unique monument. I find it fascinating that all these rocks, as well as the larger boulders such as the one at center, were here during the battle. How many soldiers must have tripped over them while marching in formation? The stone wall probably isn’t original, but it’s probable that such a wall existed here at the time. The rising ground is known as Houck’s Ridge.


Co. E, 59TH Georgia Infantry

Born abt. 1837 --- Died July 14/August 12, 1863 at age 26

Pvt. Kirkland enlisted in April 1862 and bade what must have been a sad farewell to wife Elizabeth and a two-year-old son, Alexander. Tragedy had already struck the family when his brother Tillman died in December 1862 (perhaps as a result of the battle of Fredericksburg?), and after Caleb’s death at Gettysburg, another brother, John, died at the battle of the Wilderness in May 1864.

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