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Sunday, August 16, 2015

August 17, 2015

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On a recent Tuesday morning, I had the opportunity to take a little trek across East Cemetery Hill, which is pretty easy of a walk but also pretty hilly. (Hence the name :-)) Here we see part of an artillery battery (far left), Gen. Winfield Scott Hancock, a monument to the 14th Indiana, a marker denoting the location of the 1st Brigade of the 3rd Division (Hancock’s 2nd Corps), a battery of Napoleons and a large marker discussing Battery B, 4th U.S. Artillery, and the Evergreen Cemetery gatehouse. If you squint, two more artillery pieces are located to the left of Gen. Hancock (one to the left of the tree, and one to the right), and you can also see the shaft of the 4th Ohio monument directly behind and to the left of Hancock.


Co. H, 94th New York Infantry

Born August 1843 --- Died abt. July 1863 at age 19 1/2

Pvt. Miner first served in the 105th New York Infantry and was transferred in March 1863. He was a farmer, and was described as being 5’10” tall with blue eyes and brown hair. His exact date and place are death are unknown as he was listed as “missing in action” on the first day of battle.

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