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Friday, November 21, 2014

November 21, 2014

While snapping photos at the Angle, I decided to spend some time with this gentleman, who represents the 1ST Pennsylvania Cavalry. The bronze soldier has proudly guarded the Angle since 1890, and has never once deserted his post. :-) I *finally* had a nice blue sky (that’s been kind of an issue, especially with so many dreary fall days) and took full advantage, pulling out my camera practically everywhere I went.

I’ve always liked studying the bronze faces on these fantastic portrait statues, and the fellow from the 1ST Pennsylvania is no exception. His expression is flawless, his features forever fixed in time. It’s sort of eerie to stare at these faces for too long . . . in a way, it’s as if they represent the spirits of the fallen, and you almost have the sense that if you stare at them, really stare, you might be able to convince yourself they’ve moved.


Co. K, 5TH North Carolina Infantry

Born March 14, 1831 --- Died July 01/03, 1863 age 32

Pvt. Tobias Cruse enlisted in August 1862 and was part of the ill-fated Iverson’s Brigade. Married to Catherine, with an eight-year-old daughter Mary, a seven-year-old son John, and a three-year-old daughter Laura, Tobias was killed at Gettysburg either during battle or shortly thereafter. Sadly, a brother, Ambrose, died less than two years later in February 1865, while another brother, Joseph, died in July 1865.

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