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Monday, September 15, 2014

September 15, 2014

My most recent morning in Gettysburg was just as I like it --- foggy. Not only can I appreciate the eerie quality of a misty battlefield, but the photos are amazing. On this picture, taken across Sickles Avenue from the Wheatfield, the two monuments at left are the 62ND Pennsylvania and 17TH Maine. Further to the right is the 115TH Pennsylvania (the eagle topper can just barely be seen).The large monument at bottom center honors the 4TH Michigan. The tree line running from left to center is Rose Woods --- the George Rose farm is just visible at far center right. The trees at right are part of Stony Hill.


Co. C, 24TH Michigan Infantry

Born November 07, 1836 --- July 01, 1863 at age 26

Lt. Shattuck joined the army in August 1862. His records bear the words “Distinguished Service.” He was killed during the Iron Brigade’s fight in McPherson’s Woods on the first day of battle, never to return to the life of farming he’d led in Plymouth, Michigan. His Find A Grave page says “body not recovered at Gettysburg.”

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