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Monday, September 8, 2014

September 08, 2014

I took this photo of the 15TH New York Independent Battery from Birney Avenue at the Peach Orchard. It’s one of those shots that has a lot of contrast and shows many of Gettysburg’s most charming features: monumentation, beautiful artillery pieces, and iconic wooden fences. The road running at the bottom of the photo is Wheatfield Road. Also, the cannon at the upper left of the photo is a Parrott Rifle belonging to Clark’s Battery B, 1ST New Jersey Artillery.

The second photo is a close-up of the 15TH New York’s left-hand piece. This particular cannon tube, a Model 1857 Napoleon, dates from 1862 and was made at Mr. Cyrus Alger’s Ames Manufacturing Company. I like the fact that the weeds (or whatever they are) in the foreground are blurred while the cannon in the distance comes into sharp focus.


Co. D, 37TH North Carolina Infantry

Born 1837 --- Died July 23, 1863 at age 26

Pvt. Little enlisted in September 1861. He survived until the 3RD of July 1863, when he received a mortal injury to the lung. He was taken prisoner on July 5TH and died less than three weeks later. Pvt. Little was buried at Richmond’s Hollywood Cemetery.

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