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Monday, January 13, 2014

January 13, 2014

Two Random Shots of the First Day’s Battlefield

 Here the 17TH Pennsylvania Cavalry monument catches the eye, but there are a few more monuments visible in the left background, part of the Union line along Oak Ridge. The only one easily identifiable is the 83RD New York Infantry. (It's the very tall obelisk-style monument to the left beside the trees). No, the bird at the top isn’t real (though it’s quite common to see birds perching atop the various monuments on the battlefield). The blurry white building at center left is the Doubleday Inn.

Second is a great shot of the Iverson’s Pits areas, which evokes a particular sadness for me --- of all the places on the battlefield where lives were lost, this story is one of the most tragic. I really like the contrast of the colors here. In the foreground is the 88TH Pennsylvania Infantry advance marker, while the 6TH New York Cavalry, one of my favorite monuments, provides a focal point in the left distance. (And yes, the bird, or should I say black speck, is real this time ... strangely enough!)


Co. B, 76TH New York Infantry

Born 1833 --- Died August 06, 1863 at age 30

Cpt. Story had much to live for, including his wife Lucy and five young children. His death at Gettysburg left George, ten, Kate, eight, Cleveland, six, Edward, four, and Anna, two, fatherless. Cpt. Story was later buried at Cherry Valley Cemetery in Cherry Valley, New York.

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