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Monday, June 6, 2016

June 06, 2016

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It really is strange how something as simple as a wooden fence can define a place. I think these particular fences are called rail fences or Virginia worm fences, and they’re a major part of Gettysburg’s look and feel even though they’re not the original structures that stood at the time of the battle. I think it might be their old-fashioned, homey appearance that I like, or maybe just that they evoke another place and time. This particular fence is located along McPherson’s Ridge and seems to stretch on without end, disappearing into the tree-line. Makes you wonder what’s on the other side.


Co. K, 44TH New York Infantry

Born December 13/15, 1842 --- Died July 08, 1863
2ND Lt. Thomas enrolled as an officer in August 1861. Mortally wounded on July 2ND, he succumbed six days later, and was the first of three brothers to die. His brother Henry died Sep 1863 in Rockton, Illinois, while Calvin died Nov 1864 in Nashville. Lt. Thomas was buried at Plainfield or Huntley Corners Cemetery in Otsego Co., NY (also listed as West Exeter, NY). A photo can be found here.

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