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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

April 06, 2016

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Here’s a shot of the Ashland Artillery as seen from halfway up the Longstreet Tower. I really love perspectives like this as they’re so different. Anyone can take a photo of a cannon just sitting there pretty as you please, but whenever I see artsy shots like this, I try to duplicate them. I bet the artillery commanders would have loved to have a vantage point like this, or, even better, a view from the top of the tower. The parking lot was pretty much empty on this photo; every time I previously wanted to stop, it was packed full, usually with a bus or two. (Which meant climbing the tower and tripping over kids was off-limits).


Co. B, 20TH North Carolina Infantry

Died July 01, 1863
A member of Alfred Iverson’s ill-fated North Carolina brigade, Pvt. Winecoff enlisted in July 1861 and survived nearly two years in the army. His stint of good fortune came to an end at Gettysburg. Having been a farmer in civilian life, he was married to Martha. His death was the last in a long string of family tragedies . . . his brother John had died in July 1862 at Richmond, another brother George died as a child in November 1862, and brother James died in January 1863 from a mortal wound suffered at Fredericksburg during the previous month.

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