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Monday, March 28, 2016

March 28, 2016

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You never know what photo opportunities are going to present themselves in Gettysburg. Without fail, there will be a shot you didn’t expect, perfect symmetry, some hidden point of interest. And if you’re lucky, there’s fog. Fog makes every photo great in a mysterious, beautiful, supernatural way. This particular view of the Louisiana Memorial proves that fact. During the day it’s an amazing work of art --- in the fog it takes on a spiritual quality. You start to wonder what’s out there, in the fields . . . what we can’t see. All is shrouded in silence, and, ironically enough, peace. I’ve heard many people say Gettysburg is peaceful. I can attest to that.


Co. D, 94TH New York Infantry

Died August 12, 1863 at 22
Though Pvt. Day was not wounded in battle and instead died of typhoid, I wanted to include him since he too died at a young age at the Seminary hospital in Gettysburg. He had enlisted in October 1862 and was said to be 5’4” tall with black hair and blue eyes. He was married to Angeline and had a little boy, Abner, who also died in 1863, before his first birthday. Pvt. Day was buried at Gettysburg National Cemetery.

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