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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

July 08, 2015

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If you’ve visited Gettysburg and haven’t been to Sachs Covered Bridge, you need to go back. (I just gave you an excuse :-)) This beautiful bridge dates from the 1850s and was used by elements of the Union Third Division of the First Corps, also being utilized as a route of retreat for the Southern army after the battle. Whether or not you believe all the ghostly happenings that have reportedly taken place here, it’s a very peaceful place and is located just a short distance from the battlefield. This view shows part of the roof and the lush foliage beyond.


CO. A, 42nd Mississippi Infantry

Born August 31, 1837 --- Died July 01/02, 1863 at 25

Sgt. Rogers enlisted in May 1862. He was married to Sarah, and they had three daughters, Augusta (1857), Seruptha (1858), and Leona (1860) and a son, Walter. Apart from his family, little is known of his life.

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