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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

April 15, 2015

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Pardee Field on a Spring Morning

I love being alone in Gettysburg, especially when warmer temperatures and blue skies are involved. This shot of Pardee Field is one I haven’t often seen . . . taken near the 1st Maryland CSA monument and showing Geary Avenue and the 147th Pennsylvania “star” monument, it gives a good overview of the ground “Maryland” Steuart’s Southern boys had to cross on July 03rd. I like the tree shadow at center, as well as the hint of rock wall at the bottom. If you visited Gettysburg before the field was mowed down, you would have seen a much different view. I’m so grateful that the National Park Service and Gettysburg-loving volunteers have worked so hard to keep the park as beautiful as it is. :-)


Co. H, 15th Alabama Infantry

Born 1829/31 --- Died July 1863 (exact date unknown)

Pvt. Keels’ story is one of true pathos. Married to a lady named Elizabeth, with a daughter Courtney Ann (four years old) and a son James (two), he was mortally wounded during the struggle for Little Round Top. The bullet pierced his windpipe and he must have known he didn’t have long to live. Yet something drove him, and he climbed Big Round Top (yes, Big Round Top) with such a serious wound in the hopes of being rescued. Sadly, he was placed in a field hospital but succumbed to his injuries. No one is certain where Pvt. Keels is buried. He may be at Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond, VA.

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