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Monday, March 2, 2015

March 02, 2015

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This Texas State Monument is located at Warfield Ridge along South Confederate Avenue; though small, it’s a beaut. A few observations on the area . . . this part of the battlefield always seemed kind of quiet, maybe even secluded to me, especially back in Biesecker Woods where the Texans first started out for Devil’s Den. The land surrounding the Texas Monument is --- I don’t know --- heavy with sentiment, maybe. Looking more closely at the photo, I wondered if the rock wall in the distance might be original, and if not, it likely replaced an older wall. The boulder behind the monument was of course located in the same spot during the battle.


Co. H, 17TH Maine Infantry

Born about 1825 --- Died July 1863

Pvt. Rand’s death date is given as both July 2ND and July 3RD. He enlisted in August 1862, a shoemaker by trade, and was wounded in the abdomen on the second of July. He was later buried at Gettysburg’s National Cemetery.

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