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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

February 11, 2015

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Powers Hill, Part Two

(For Part One, see December 15, 2014). On this first photo we see the monument and artillery pieces of Battery M, 1ST New York Light Artillery. The desolation of this spot is made evident by the heavily leaf-invested trail and the high grasses, where many tick-fearers don’t dare to tread! Still, the views are incredible, and the Parrott Rifles are in good condition. Take note of the path running at left; this is quite a climb.

Photo #2 shows one of the many beautiful views from Powers Hill. The cannon and monument represent Battery A, Maryland Light Artillery (Rigby’s Battery). I think this shot is made much more interesting and picturesque by the randomly-positioned boulders (I’m fascinated with the Gettysburg boulders . . . all different shapes and sizes, poking up through the earth wherever they pleased. Interesting stuff).


Co. H, 18TH North Carolina Infantry

Born February 07, 1844 --- Died July 22, 1863 at age 19 

Sgt. Hall enlisted in June 1861. He was wounded at Fredericksburg and taken prisoner five months later at Chancellorsville, but was soon released. At Gettysburg he suffered a wound serious enough to require amputation and died of his wounds. Sgt. Hall was buried at Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond, Virginia.

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