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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

July 30, 2014


Let me guess what you’re thinking: This must be an old photo of Devil’s Den, right? While I certainly remember that area with trees (and I prefer it much better with wide open space) this is another location: The path to Little Round Top. I never really took the time to notice all the rocks that were scattered here and there along the path. It definitely gives a different perspective. As far as I’m concerned, slap some sepia-tone on this photo and you could have a print from 1863.

The second photo is my favorite. I’ve always loved views like this . . . some mysterious leafy path on an overcast day, leading off to places unknown. In this case, it leads to Little Round Top summit. I’m not sure if it was meant to be a “path” per se or if the shape of the rocks just etched out a natural pathway, but either way, it looks mighty mysterious.


Co. D, 145TH Pennsylvania Infantry

Born May 12, 1835 --- Died July 26, 1863 at age 28

Cpl. Sawdy, who enlisted in August 1862, was the husband of Julia and father of Walter (four years old at the time of the battle) and Wilson (one year old). He received a thigh wound on July 2ND and died a little over three weeks later. Cpl. Sawdy was buried along the railroad and his final resting place was never rediscovered.

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