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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

September 18, 2013

This photo shows a different angle of the Angle (and the Copse). It was taken from Gen. Meade’s Headquarters along Taneytown Road and showcases many little details that make it fascinating to study. The closest feature is the Abraham Brian or Bryan barn at center left. To the right along Hancock Avenue sits a monument that is probably the 2ND Pennsylvania Cavalry. Gen. Meade’s impressive statue can be seen at the top of the ridge.

The infamous Copse can easily be seen at center right, not the group of trees at far right but the one slightly to the left of it. The artillery battery (seen directly to the left of the Copse) represents Battery K, 1ST New York Light Artillery. The clump of shrubbery below the Copse masks the stone wall of the Angle and the small but impressive 26TH North Carolina Infantry monument. More in the distance, at the left of the photo, Big Round Top slopes gracefully. The Pennsylvania State Memorial lounges to its right. The tall monument shaft to the right of the Bryan barn is most likely the 1ST Minnesota Infantry.


119TH New York Infantry

Born September 08, 1842 --- August 15, 1863 at age 20

It was after the bloodbath at Gettysburg that Pvt. Dilbert’s family received the sad news: their Jacob would never make it to age 21. He was mortally wounded while driving back the men of the Pickett-Pettigrew-Trimble Charge along Cemetery Ridge. Despite being sent to the general hospital at Camp Letterman, all medical care proved futile, and he died on the 15TH of August. He was later buried in Gettysburg National Cemetery.

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