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Friday, August 16, 2013

August 16, 2013

In my post of January 02ND, I featured men from the 114TH Pennsylvania Infantry, Collis’ Zouaves, who, after being wounded during the fight at Joseph Sherfy’s farm, perished in a fire in Sherfy’s barn when the wooden barn was ignited by the conflict. The 114TH is one of the Gettysburg regiments which I have always found particularly interesting. The monument shown here is their official one, located near the Sherfy farm at Emmitsburg Road.

The quaint Sherfy farmhouse is visible in the left background, as are part of the white picket fence and a few of Joseph Sherfy’s historic trees. The impressive monument dates from 1888 and was dedicated on the twenty-fifth anniversary of the 114TH’s heroic struggle --- and death --- at Gettysburg. In case you’re interested in this Zouave unit and want to visit more places on the field associated with them, the 114TH’s secondary monument is located along Hancock Avenue near the Angle.


Co. I, 53RD Virginia Infantry
Died August 12 or 13, 1863

Sgt. Tucker survived over a month after having been wounded at Gettysburg, but some time after being moved to the general hospital at Camp Letterman he died of a “fracture of left leg.” He was marked as belonging to the 53RD North Carolina instead of the 53RD Virginia and was buried as a North Carolinian at Raleigh’s Oakwood Cemetery, but his stone has since been fixed.

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