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Friday, July 19, 2013

July 19, 2013

For years the monument honoring the 148TH Pennsylvania Infantry has been one of my very favorites. Of particular interest to me is the stack of “war accoutrements” topping the monument, as well as the small decorative columns on each side. This handsome work of art was created in the late 1880s and stands along Wheatfield Road, the “back” of the Wheatfield as opposed to the “main road” coming from the direction of Devil’s Den.

The 148TH Pennsylvania was part of Col. Cross’s brigade. Many Gettysburg enthusiasts will know the story of Col. Edward Cross’s wounding in the battle for the Wheatfield and will remember the way he spoke calmly of his own impending death to those who didn’t put much trust in his premonitions. Also part of Col. Cross’s brigade was the 61ST New York, the 81ST Pennsylvania, and the 5TH New Hampshire, whose monuments are scattered around this area. Monuments to the 61ST and 81ST can be found in the Wheatfield.


Co. C, 26TH North Carolina Infantry

Born 1841 --- Died August 29, 1863 at age 22

Pvt. Chappel was both lucky and unlucky concerning his wounding at Gettysburg: he eventually died from his injuries, but he had the pleasure of seeing his beloved North Carolina again before the inevitable occurred. He passed away in a hospital in Raleigh and was later buried at the famous Oakwood Cemetery, where many Gettysburg casualties were laid to rest.

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