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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

June 12, 2013

Though I knew very little about them just a few years ago, I recently found myself very interested in the tale of Hood’s Texans at Gettysburg and subsequently nurtured a fascination for Triangular Field. Here the Texans, Arkansans, Alabamians, and Georgians launched their attack and began their charge. There’s something about the area that definitely lends itself to a “haunted” feel, and even in the height of day, the barren, rock-strewn field appears quite ominous.

One of the things I like best about this photo is that the scene is much the same as it would have been in July 1863. Though the fence likely isn’t original, there was probably a fence here. The boulders (one is seen partially in the foreground), trees, and scrub brush all appear authentic. Though I’m no expert on how Triangular Field looked in 1863, I believe the view would have been similar. 

Hood’s Texans (at least the 1ST Texas) moved up toward Houck’s Ridge and Devil’s Den by coming up in or near the trees (Rose Woods, seen on the right). The undulating field in the distance was the scene of the 124TH New York’s daring charge directly into the Southern line of fire. Just above the photo’s topmost viewpoint is Warfield Ridge.

There’s no time of day when Triangular Field appears more “haunted” or, by contrast, more “normal.” The area has a strangely-blended aura of foreboding and peace; and visitors can definitely attest to that fact.


Co. K, 8TH Florida Infantry

Died July 25, 1863 

Pvt. Crews only had nineteen years to his name when he was severely wounded at Gettysburg. He was taken prisoner and lingered for twenty-three days before dying in a Union army field hospital . . . he must have suffered greatly in those three weeks. The National Park Service’s “Soldiers and Sailors Database” says that “Joshua J. Crews” was also listed in records as “J. Cuns.” Pvt. Crews is buried at Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond, Virginia.

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