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Thursday, August 10, 2017

August 10, 2017

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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

August 02, 2017

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Robertson’s Texans, memorialized on this simple plaque, roared across Warfield Ridge and over Triangular Field before reaching Devil’s Den and Houck’s Ridge behind the camera. You can tell from the well-worn path that this is a favorite walking spot. Note the rocks here and there, which certainly served to break up formation during the march.



 Born January 03, 1835 --- Died July 01, 1863 at age 28

Co. K, 13TH North Carolina Infantry

1ST Lt. Nunnally enlisted in May 1861 and was a merchant by trade. Among his records it is stated that he “exhibited the characteristics of a true gentleman and a gallant soldier.” He is buried at Greenview Cemetery, Reidsville, North Carolina. A photo can be found here.

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Monday, July 31, 2017

July 31, 2017

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I’ve taken a lot of shots looking down over Oak Ridge, but on most of them, this solitary Napoleon in the foreground was the only artillery piece. Now the gang’s all here. There aren’t too many places in Gettysburg that escape visitors’ attention as prime photography spots (if there are any at all) but Oak Ridge may get the short end of the stick in that regard. Also, check out the wooden fence and the simplicity of the scene.


Born July 26, 1815 --- Died July 03, 1863 at age 47

Co. I, 88TH Pennsylvania Infantry

Pvt. Harlan enlisted in August 1861 and was married to Mary. His surname is also given as Harland. He lies in Philadelphia’s Mount Peace Cemetery.

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